Live Multi Camera

Using multiple cameras placed at different strategic points, a multicam setup will render all the details of your event

How does it work?

To produce a live multicam, we use different types of cameras: Fixed cameras (operated or static); Mobile cameras with wireless zero delay transmission; Dynamic cameras (placed on a crane, for example) and robotic cameras (PTZ) such as the HE-120 which enables one operator to control different cameras.

All cameras are connected to a mixer in front of which the Director chooses among the proposed shots the one that is most relevant. It is also called a livemix. As the result is not conclusive, it is possible to rework it in post-production since all cameras can be recorded separately.

Live multicamera allows you to:

  • Set up a live projection on a screen or an online live streaming
  • improves visibilty for the audience and makes it available on your website.
  • Promote your event by making a dvd or a blu-ray.

What are the benefits?

By capturing a broad spectrum of images by experienced cameramen and a director, we can render your event the best way and create a fantastic dynamic production.

Live multicamera is the ideal solution to cover events such as music concerts, plays and sporting events.

We are specialized in live multicam for (classical) music concerts.

some examples:

Glorious - Brussels

de Zeegant - Oratorio

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