LED of traditionele verlichting, draadloze sturing over DMX...Wij creëren de juiste sfeer voor uw evenement (conferentie, concert, theater, video)


Wij voorzien alle technische faciliteiten voor uw bedrijfsevenement, gaande van draadloze headsetmicro's over RF afstandsbediening voor presentaties en live video.

Video Production

You want to shoot a video, a reportage, a commercial ? We propose you to take care of all the logistic aspects of your video production. We take care of the sound picking, lighting and video recording. Our expertise in all these areas allows us to see the big picture more easily. Thereafter we can take care of editing, mastering and we can create all kinds of animations to expand your creativity. We are also able to create and copy DVD.

Recording & PA

Audio Recording

You want to make a record? Come to our studio or in a place where you particularly enjoy the acoustic. We are at your service. We have all types of microphones (dynamic, condenser), from the mythical Shure SM57 to the legendary Neumann U 87 A, allowing us to best highlight your talents. You will find with us a listening team of engineers and musicians .

Our services can range from simple recording to the production of the CD, through mastering. We handle all aspects of your production.