P.U.S.H. in Concert

December 7, 2013 - Eglise Sainte Croix, BrusselsFull sound & light production by dPro. 

Behringer X32

With this brand new 32-channel digital mixer, we are ready to mix your concert ! - 32 Midas-designed preamps, - 16 mixbuses, - Extended channel strip control including EQ, compressor/limiter/gate, ...- Extended included FX rack. 

Recording & PA

Audio Recording

You want to make a record? Come to our studio or in a place where you particularly enjoy the acoustic. We are at your service. We have all types of microphones (dynamic, condenser), from the mythical Shure SM57 to the legendary Neumann U 87 A, allowing us to best highlight your talents. You will find with us a listening team of engineers and musicians .

Our services can range from simple recording to the production of the CD, through mastering. We handle all aspects of your production.

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